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Cory DenUyl is a smart guy. He's a graduate of Hope College in Michigan, an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor and a licensed insurance agent. He's also a friendly fellow. He meets for free with Arbor Financial members to help them understand their saving and investment options. Give Cory a call, and he can start working on a custom strategy that will help you reach your financial goals.


Arbor Financial Advisor Cory DenUyl.

Here are just some of the things you can discuss with Wealth Management Advisor, Cory DenUyl:

Meetings with Wealth Management advisor Cory DenUyl (his last name is pronounced "De-nial") are always free. 就叫 269.544.3436 or 800.422.7340 to set up an appointment.

401(k) Plans and 爱尔兰共和军 Rollovers

Roth 爱尔兰共和军s

Retirement Planning



Mutual Funds

College 储蓄 and Educational 储蓄 Plan

Life Insurance


Long-Term Care

Riskalyze - Measure your risk tolerance today!

With Riskalyze, measuring your risk tolerance has never been simpler! Members can take a questionnaire, either in-person or online, that uses a series of 7 simple questions to assign a risk number to clients. The results will show members a portfolio with an actual risk number and how it might perform in up markets, down markets, a financial crisis, compared to the S&P, and more. The portfolio is broken down by risk, fees, expenses, and other critical factors. As a result, an advisor is able to show members a portfolio that aligns with their risk number and advises based on how much risk you currently have, how much risk you are willing to endure, and how much risk you may need to take, 或不, to meet your goals. Take the Riskalyze questionnaire to get started today, or watch this video for more information.

Take the questionnaire today!