Solid account. Good returns. Great start.

If our Share Account was just a hard-working savings account with solid dividends, that would be good enough for most people in Michigan 和 beyond. But it's way more than that. Each credit union member is formally a part owner of the enterprise. That makes the Share Account your buy-in to Arbor Financial. It opens the door to checking accounts, loans, 在线 banking 和 all our other services.

Here are the immediate advantages of opening a Share Account:

Need more incentive to open a Share Account? If you add a checking account, you get free access to more than 37,000 自动取款机 throughout Michigan, 账单支付 和更多的. It's easy to open your Share Account 在线 or switch your account to become an Arbor Financial member.
Volt Account
"They have been my bank for nearly 10 years 和 have been fantastic to work with. I do all my banking through them 和 even used them for my first home purchase. Highly recommended." Macaria V Read More Member Stories  

ID 保护

Your identity is your most valuable possession. Here’s how to protect it.

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