A digital wallet is so much more than a way to pay for stuff online -- though it's great for that, 太. 在输入你的信息之后, 数字钱包是在实体店进行购买的最快方式. 把钱包放在口袋里, 还是在家里, and just tap your phone toward the point of sale for a contactless transaction.

Another great benefit of a digital wallet is that you can use a variety of apps to pay your family and friends back for that dinner last night, 或者当场支付给商人,而不是写支票. 未来就在这里,选择权在你. Save money and time by signing up for all your favorite e-pay providers today.



Leave your wallet at home and use your phone to tap and pay in your favorite shop today!


Input your payment details just once then use your chosen passcode there after.

Use an app to make fast, free money transfers and never stand in line for the ATM again.




非常适合iPhone和iWatch用户, 苹果支付在商店被广泛接受, 可以在线使用, 以及寄钱和收钱. Use 苹果支付 with your Apple Card and get 2% daily cash back on every purchase. 了解更多.



Android Users can use 谷歌支付 in-store, online, and for sending and receiving money. 苹果用户只能使用它进行在线支付和点对点支付. 非常适合跟踪你的支出并打开洞察. 了解更多



专为三星手机打造, 该品牌的粉丝可以享受轻松的店内和网上购买, 加上点对点付款. 此外,赚取现金回来和奖励你的日常购买. 给你的卡片拍张照片,点击,然后走!  了解更多



If you're a valued customer of the LG brand, this could be the digital wallet for you. 把你的借记卡、信用卡、礼品卡和会员卡放在一个方便的应用程序中. 可以在大多数商店中使用,并遵循语音命令. 了解更多



Digital wallets let you leave your wallet at home and Fitbit支付 lets you leave your phone, 太. 现在 you can monitor your movements and grab coffee on the go -- all from your watch or tracker. 了解更多



Fans of Garmin fitness watches and activity trackers can take advantage of the brand's own contactless payment solution. Can also be used with some major transit systems worldwide, so you'll always be good to go. 了解更多

在线 & 移动



如果你已经在使用亚马逊.com to do your online shopping, you can use 亚马逊支付 to shop at other websites, 太. Select 亚马逊支付 at any checkout and manage all your transactions through your main account. 了解更多

A person is using their 移动PC to view the most popular restaurants in their neighborhood according to the Grubhub website.


Grubhub应用程序和网站已经改变了我们点外卖的方式. 现在, you can enter your payment details just once and have a huge host of restaurants and eateries ready at your fingertips.  了解更多


一部手机被放在一堆美国报纸上.S. 同时显示贝宝应用程序.


与你的支票账户同步, 贝宝可以用来接收和发送资金, 把账单, 网上购物几乎无处不在, 并将分期付款分成四部分. 了解更多

Friends are eating lunch in a restaurant and one person is paying the bill while the others will pay him back with the Venmo app.


This peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app has fast become the method of choice for sending money between friends and family. The split-purchase feature is popular for sharing the cost of things like dinner or a cab. 了解更多

A few business people are standing in a line using their phones to make investments via 现金应用.


一个流行的点对点(P2P)应用程序来支付和接收支付, 现金应用 also allows you to buy stocks and cryptocurrency with as little as a dollar. 你只需要一张现金卡就可以开始了!  了解更多



我一直很喜欢这个信用社,从来没有遇到过任何问题. 每个人都很友好,我会向任何人推荐Arbor FCU!!



From our first checking account to our home loan they have been absolutely wonderful to deal with. 我们一直受到尊严和尊重.

F -丹.


Arbor Financial has been a wonderful way to bank locally for my personal finances and my business. 他们很友好,有反应,很适合共事.

——Jeffrey L.


The most common type of digital wallet is an app on your phone that stores the data from your physical credit and debit cards, 驾照, 票和更多. 你可以通过从卡上输入数据来添加数据, 与账户同步, 或者在应用程序内给信用卡或车票拍照, 所以你的手机会为你读取信息.

购买或兑换门票, 输入你手机的密码, 或者使用ID, 然后你可以将手机对着销售点设备进行支付, 或者向代理出示您的电子机票以便扫描. 

A digital wallet may also refer to the system online where you have inputted your payment details once and, 从那时起, you don't need to enter it again because the retailer or e-pay provider has stored it for you. To make purchases, you need only enter your email and password for that provider, for example 贝宝.
是的, your digital wallet is not intended to replace your physical wallet but to add to the experience and range of options at your disposal. It means you're not tied to your old wallet but you may still use it in places where they don't yet accept e-pay.
你可以选择注册多少家或多少家电子支付提供商,只要你喜欢. 例如, you might already be signed up for Amazon or GrubHub for some of your online shopping, 然后使用贝宝进行其他交易. 一些商店可能仍然要求您单独输入您的付款细节.

说到你手机上的数字钱包应用程序, 如果你有iPhone, you will likely use 苹果支付 and if you have a Samsung phone you will likely use 三星支付. Other than that, it's up to you to choose the brand that best fits your needs and taste.
如果你的手机备份到云服务, 你的应用应该会自动下载到新手机上. 你所需要做的就是在新设备上再次登录. 对于新卡,你需要输入或扫描你的新细节. 好消息是,只要做一次,你就可以了.
只要你的手机, 移动PC, 和其他设备都有密码或面部ID保护, 这样你的支付信息就安全了. 另一方面, a wallet may be stolen and somebody could use your credit card to make fraudulent purchases in the time before you have it canceled. 

不管你有什么样的钱包, 你应该警惕骗局, 网络钓鱼, 和盗窃, and report any suspicious activity to your financial institution or the authorities.
Generally, transactions through electronic payment providers will be free of charge. But be sure to check the fine print before signing up with any app or online service.


"They have been my bank for nearly 10 years and have been fantastic to work with. I do all my banking through them and even used them for my first home purchase. 强烈推荐." Macaria V 阅读更多会员故事  


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